Google Street View Takes Off In An Emirates A380

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Flying on an Emirates A380 in first class runs for a hefty $20,000.  The average person in the world simply cannot afford to fly in such luxury, but Google Street View went into the plane to give us a tour so that we can decide if people are really getting their money’s worth.  The Emirates A380 celebrated their fifth anniversary by working with Google to have Street View post pictures of the inside of the aircraft on Google Maps.  Even the $1,500 seats have 500 channels on a 9-inch TV and gyroscopic cup.

Since the A380 launched in 2008, it has flown over 20,000 trips and has severed 35 million meals.  Wired reports that 6,314 kilos of caviar, 2,153,988 cups of coffee, 14 million bread rolls, and 1 million toothbrushes has been served on the flight so far.  Over 18 million passengers have been flown.

First class has 14 seats with around 1,000 channels on a 23-inch screen, massage features, a seven course meal served on custom-made china, and hot showers.  First class also has a fully stock bar with a waterfall behind the bartender.

What are you waiting for?  Browse the A380 bellow:

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