Google Street View Has No Plans To Keep Collecting Information About WiFi Network Locations

Posted Oct 20, 2010

In a disclosure report released on Street View, Google revealed that they have no plans to resume the collection of information about WiFi network locations. There has been several privacy probes about this. Google Street View cars had unintentionally captured fragments of unencrypted data.

“Google intends to obtain the information needed to populate its location-based services database” from “users’ handsets,” said Canadian privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart. Mobile phone and laptop users that use certain Google applications tend to already share location information with Google. Google uses this crowd-sourced data for their mapping tools.

Google discloses this collection of information in their privacy policies. “With Android, location-sharing is opt-in,” stated Google spokeswoman Christine Chen. “Whether we’re talking about location provider services or individual apps that use location, Android provides users with notice and control over collection of location, sharing of location and use of location to help provide a better mobile experience…We don’t share individual location collected from user devices with any applications or services.”