Google Street View Helps Solve A Kidnapping Case

Posted Jan 10, 2009

Natalie Maltais was kidnapped by her grandmother.  Natalie’s legal guardians called the police when her grandmother threatened that they may never see the girl again.  Natalie had a cellphone and when the police called the number, they were able to track her approximate location.  The cellphone company provided the GPS coordinates within 300 feet of each other.

The police knew that Natalie was in Rhode Island and that she was around the Virginia Route 11 near the Natural Bridge.  Deputy Chief Lozier then used Street View using Google Maps to scan the location where the cellphone was located.  Using Street View, Lozier was able to look up and down the intersection.  He noticed a short building near the highway that looked like a motel.  Lozier searched for motels in the area.

It turned out that it was a Budget Inn where Natalie and her grandmother was. “I told Todd if I was going to throw the dice, I’d throw them there,” stated Lozier.  Lozier was referring to Officer Todd Neale, who was also on the case.  “When I got that call from Todd that they found them, that was a good call,” stated Lozier.

[via Worcester Telegram & Gazette News]