Google Street View Now Lets You See Mount Fuji

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Google Street View now lets you see the top of the tallest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji.  Mount Fuji was named as an official World Heritage Site by UNESCO this past June.  Mount Fuji is expected to see a record number of climbers this year.  The Google Street View team took the Trekker equipment and climbed around 12,000 feet.

“The Street View collection covers the highly popular Yoshida trail that takes hikers up the mountain, the full walk around the crater at the top, and the quick zigzag descent,” stated Google Japan head of Geo Partnerships Setsuo Murai. “We hope these 14,000 panos of new imagery will give climbers a sense of the terrain to expect under their feet ? especially all the night-time climbers who shuffle up in the dark to see the sunrise at the crack of dawn.”