Google Takes Street View Underwater To Reefs In Australia, Hawaii, Etc.

Posted Sep 27, 2012

Google has taken their Street View cameras underwater to some interesting places like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, scuba diving spots in Hawaii, and scuba diving spots in the Philippines.  There is even an underwater Google+ Hangout.  Google Maps partnered with The Catlin Seaview Survey to add underwater panoramic images to Street View.

The photos were taken using a special camera made for underwater use.  It is known as the Seaview SVII and it can take 360-degree panoramic images at a rapid pace.  It can can photos every 3 seconds while moving at around 2.5MPH with geo-location and camera direction metadata included.

The SVII is controlled by a tablet and it is easy to use.  Around 6 locations have been photographer and shared on Google Maps.  You can view the underwater panorama images at  Check out the video below: