Google Suggest Leaves The Labs And Goes To The Homepage

Posted Aug 26, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Suggest is a feature that guesses what you are typing as you begin to write keywords in the search box.  The feature complements the “Did you mean?” Google feature.  The feature will be rolled into the search engine throughout this week.

The feature will also be available on the Google Toolbar.  The feature enhances search by helping formulate queries, reduce spelling errors, and save users keystrokes.  Below is a sample screen shot of what appears when I typed in the Olympics:

The Suggest feature started in 2004 as a 20% project.  Google engineers are encourage to spend 20% of work time on projects that they believe are interesting.  Other projects that came out of the 20% projects include Google News, AdSense, Orkut, and GMail.

The announcement was made official on the Google Blog by Product Manager Jennifer Liu.