Google received 235 million takedown requests this year

Posted Dec 28, 2013

Google has received over 235 million takedown requests this year from copyright holders this year. The copyright holders asked for links of infringing content removed from the Google search engine. Google acted on over 90% of the requests, but rejected around 21 million takedowns because they were illegitimate or duplicates of links that were already removed, according to Google’s copyright transparency report.

Google’s takedown requests substantially increased this year compared to the last two years. Google received 50 million in 2012 and 10 million in 2011. Anti-piracy groups BPI made 41.7 million requests and the RIAA made 30.8 million requests. 20th Century Fox made 19.3 million requests, Froytal Services made 19.2 million, and Microsoft Corporation made 10.4 million requests.

?We still do our best to catch errors or abuse so we don?t mistakenly disable access to non-infringing material.? said Google in a statement to TorrentFreak. ?Google continues to put substantial resources into improving and streamlining this process, including into identifying erroneous and abusive takedowns, and deterring abuse.?