Google’s Tips page teaches you how to make the most out of their products

Posted Dec 15, 2013

Google has created a new page called Google Tips, which uses clickable cards to teach you how to get the most out of their products. Below are a few examples:

– See what videos your friends are posting (and adjust friendships accordingly) – promoting YouTube

– Get the family together when you can’t be together – promoting Google Hangouts

– Let your computer and phone finish each other’s sentences – promoting Chrome browser

– Ask Google to fetch your stuff – promoting Google search

– Save your favorite places and Maps will remember them for you – promoting Google Maps

– Make news headlines cater to your taste – promoting Google News

– Get from here to there with less typing – promoting Google Maps

– Have your most important documents right in your pocket. No paper required. – promoting Google Drive

– Save those cat videos to watch later – promoting YouTube

– Play YouTube like a jukebox. – promoting YouTube

– Get the Gmail you know to go. – promoting Gmail mobile

– View the world’s greatest art in your pajamas. – promoting Google Art Project

There are many tips and tricks that may seem hidden at first and Google Tips is a great way to uncover what is possible.