Google To Start Alerting Users That Have DNSChanger Malware Infection

Posted May 23, 2012

Google is working on a campaign to notify users whose PCs have been infected with the DNSChanger malware. The DNSChanger malware was part of a scam that came up last November when the U.S. Department of Justice accused 7 men from Russia and Estonia of conducting several kinds of Internet fraud schemes. Users were infected with the malware when clicking on malicious links or downloading bad software. The malware had sent infected computers to DNS servers to redirect them to websites that they never intended to visit. After the faulty DNS servers were found, a non-profit organization called the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) replaced the servers with the help of a court order. Paul Vixie of the ISC estimates that about 500,000 devices were still being connected to the temporary servers. However the court order is expiring on July 9th and those temporary servers will be shut down. This would cause hundreds of thousands of people to not have Internet. Google said that they will try to alert users in their preferred language.