Google To Take Street View Photos At Taj Mahal And Other Indian Landmarks

Posted Oct 4, 2013

Google Street View back-packers have started to walk around landmarks around India.  This means that we will soon see the Taj Mahal on Google Street View.  Google has partnered with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to bring the Taj Mahal and 99 landmarks to Street View. 

The photos will be available on Google Maps and on the Google Cultural Institute’s World Wonders website.  This is Google’s second attempt at getting images from landmarks in India after they were banned from Bangalore due to privacy concerns two years ago.

“We have always embraced technology and we believe that the new panoramic imagery of 100 Indian monuments will not only allow people to interact with our country’s culture in new ways but also digitally preserve India’s heritage for future generation,” stated ASI director general Pravin Srivastava as quoted by NY Daily News.