Google Tries to Explain Their New Homepage

Posted Jun 29, 2011

In the wake of the introduction of Google+, Google’s homepage has been redesigned. The business links have been moved to the bottom and a black bar added to the top, just like the black navigation bar at the top of Google+. The layout feels a little more boxed in, and is clearly intended to remind users to try Google+ while they’re searching. The Google Blog highlights three design principles: “focus, elasticity and effortlessness.”

The focus is apparently about eliminating clutter, like making some buttons more obvious and hiding other buttons from view. Elasticity promises a “consistent visual experience” no matter what device you use to view the page. Effortlessness is just another way to say that Google is fast and using the latest technology.

The blog includes a screen shot of the original Google homepage, to remind users that Google’s design updates are usually good ideas.