Google, TypePad, and CBS Now Using For URL Shortening

Posted Aug 26, 2009

One of the reasons why decided to initially shut themselves down is because of the monopoly that has for URL shortening services.  Twitter and TweetDeck both use as the default URL shortening services.  Now Google, TypePad, and CBS has embraced for shortening the URLs of their content.

One of the reasons why has become the preferred choice for URL shortening is because of their constant service upgrades.  Last month started to track what links are malicious in content and warns users before sending them to the link.

Within the last few weeks, Google added to Google Reader’s “send-to” feature.  This feature allows anyone using Google Reader to send links on Twitter to their followers.

TypePad added a feature that generates links on Twitter for new blog posts. statistics have also been added into TypePad’s dashboard.  All TypePad users will see this feature integrated by this fall.

CBS is also launched a new service called  This service tracks the URLs on CBS’ website that has been shortened and tracks how many people clicked on the shortened links.

John Resig of Mozilla also designed a Retweet button using the JavaScript API.