Google Needs A Universal Name For Its Tablet

Posted Mar 31, 2012

There is tons of analysis out there about what people think Google should do when launching their own tablets to gain a larger market-share. I can’t even imagine how much Google is spending on consultants to help them come up with a tablet strategy too. Want to hear my idea? This idea is on the house and is extremely simple. Google needs a universal name for all of their tablets. Here is my reasoning for that. has been sticking with the name Kindle since they launched their tablet. When people think of “tablet” and “Amazon,” they immediately think of Amazon Kindle because it is a universal name. When people think of “tablet” and “Apple,” they immediately think Apple iPad.

Here is what happens when you think of “tablet” and “Google.” Which one should I buy?! Acer Iconia Tab A500? Archos 80 G9? Asus Eee Pad Transformer? Dell Streak? HTC Flyer? Motorola Xoom? Amazon Kindle Fire? Samsung Galaxy Tab? Sony Tablet S? ViewSonic GTablet? Screw it, I’m just going to buy an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

Yes I know, Google Android is open source and manufacturers can create tablets using the mobile operating system as they please. Let them keep doing that and hope that they can sell them.

Google should take Android and build a tablet of their own and make it look gorgeous. Market it so that people will question buying the Google device over an iPad and Kindle Fire. Make it fully integrated with Google Play. Let’s just use the working title “Google Ignite.” Put it on the market for a year and then upgrade it every year so consumers can expect the “Google Ignite 2” in a year with better features. Or fragment it a bit while sticking to the universal brand. For example, you can call it the “Ignite HD” for a Google tablet that has Retina Display-like technology.

One counter-argument to my strategy idea is that Microsoft tried this with the Zune. However chunks of the Zune user interface is being transitioned into Windows Phone and Windows 8. When Microsoft released the Xbox, they stuck to that brand name. Example: Xbox, Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 S, and Xbox 360 Super Elite.