Google Ventures Invests $1.2 Million Into TrueLens

Posted Dec 3, 2012

TrueLens is a marketing startup that has raised $1.2 million and they have unveiled a core customer intelligence product called Socialgraphics.  TrueLens co-founder and CEO Roy Rodenstein believes that the company is in a different bucket than other social marketing companies.

TrueLens is not really known for collecting social data from social marketing campaigns.  And they are not necessarily known for targeting banner ads on a number of different data points.

?We are focused in the world of the core marketers ? analog brands who own and use and leverage the customer database, the database of the people who have actually registered as users,? stated Rodenstein.

The Socialgraphics product complements a customer database and fills it out with information that is pulled from social networks about customers’ brand preferences, purchase intent, and social media influence.  They could tell a clothing company which customers are interested in skiing this winter and those companies could send an e-mail specifically targeted for them.

This round of funding was led by Google Ventures with funding from Charles River Ventures, Common Angels, 500 Startups, and Boston Seed.  Angel investors in this round include HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah, Tremor SVP Waikit Lau, InfoChimps co-founder Nick Ducoff, and BzzAgent/m-Qube former board member John Simon.

TrueLens co-founder Roy Rodenstein and chief scientist Rebecca Xiong are both alumni of MIT Media Lab and are co-founders of, which was acquired by AOL.

TrueLens customers include Neiman Marcus, TaylorMade-Adidas, Game Show Network, Force Factor, and DODOcase.  Rodenstein will build up more case studies about how their data can be used.