Google Voice Reserves One Million Phone Numbers

Posted Jun 22, 2009

Google is making use of the GrandCentral VoIP service that they acquired back in July 2007.  GrandCental has been rolled into a service called Google Voice. Google Voice includes all of the features that GrandCentral had when the property was acquired plus several additions.

Google Voice allows users to sync phone numbers and transfer calls to all of their devices.  Voice calls can be converted into text messages and there is the ability to call multiple parties.  Another feature that Google voice has that gives Skype some competition is discounted international calls.

Through Level 3, Google has already reserved 1 million phone numbers. “If you are a GrandCentral user, over the next few days you will be prompted to upgrade to Google Voice.  Currently only GrandCentral users have access to Google Voice, but we will be opening up the new service to new users soon,” stated the GrandCentral website.

[via ReadWriteWeb]