Google Wallet for iOS now has 2-click instant checkout

Posted Jun 11, 2014

Around a year ago, Google Wallet launch the Instant Buy API for Android apps. Now this feature is available on iOS apps. Developers can now integrate Google Wallet’s checkout into their apps with Instant Buy and have users check out with two clicks.


The Instant Buy API gives developers an easy way to access and store payment data in the cloud. The shipping and credit card information is stored on Google’s servers. Google only passes the information after a user has decided to complete the order.

The merchant can run the information through any existing payment processor. Google does not charge any fees for the service, but it has its own fraud-monitoring service on top of the credit card issue’s existing systems.¬†Fancy was able to increase its conversion rate by 20% after implementing Instant Buy.

Developers that want to integrate Instant Buy into apps will have to sign up here and get added to a wait-list.

[Source: TechCrunch]