Google Inc (GOOG) makes major changes to Wildfire

Posted Mar 14, 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) acquired social media marketing company Wildfire for hundreds of millions of dollars in 2012. Wildfire is known for helping companies with social media marketing on Facebook. Google made this acquisition around the same time that acquired Buddy Media and Oracle acquired Vitrue. Wildfire is no longer signing up new customers and the company’s technology will be integrated into Google’s advertising technology platform.

According to a source with BusinessInsider, Wildfire contacted clients to tell them its business would no longer be served after the end of 2015. Some of Wildfire’s clients include Cisco Systems,, Gap, Jamba Juice, and Dairy Queen. Google said last year that it would integrate Wildfire’s social analytics into DoubleClick, which is the company’s ad buying platform. This way Google would be able to use social data to target ads anywhere.

Wildfire managed brand pages and handled audience data, but did not market itself as an ad buyer on Facebook or as a developer of Facebook marketing apps.

“The Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, which helps businesses manage their posts and content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, will continue to be supported, but further investments will be limited: we won?t be building new features or signing up new customers. Our focus will be on integrating Wildfire’s technology with our ad technology platform and building new features that enable marketers to use social insights to improve their marketing campaigns,” stated Wildfire founder Victoria Ransom in a blog post. “With this increased focus, we think we can better help marketers get the most from their digital campaigns. Our teams are looking forward to working with our customers to make that happen.”

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