Google Will Now Use More Of Your Information For Relevant Search and Ads

Posted Jan 25, 2012

Google has recently announced that they have changed their privacy policies and terms of service. Starting March 1, Google users will be agreeing to share their personal information across all Google services as long as they are signed in. In the past, Google has had 60 separate privacy policies and now they have been consolidated to just one.

Some of the changes in the privacy policy include Google being able to monitor activity on YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ to suggest search results and more relevant ads. Google will also be able to take information you provided on your Google Profile such as your name and profile photo and integrate that information with other Google services like Gmail. Google will also collect information from your mobile device such as your phone number and associate it with your account.

Some people are worried about whether this is an abuse of power and others believe that their privacy is being violated. Personally I like the fact that Google makes it easy to “hide personal results” (i.e. Google+ updates) from their search results. If it was forced upon me and I couldn’t get rid of it, then I think it would be an abuse of power.