Google Willing To Change Search Algorithms In Order To Settle With EU

Posted Feb 7, 2011

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt said in an interview with The Telegraph that the company did not want to get into a drawn out process which would take years to resolve with the European Union. Nor does the company want to pay any large fines for defending themselves. If the European Union can come up with a solution that would prevent them from questioning how Google chooses their top search results, then Google would be cooperative in changing their algorithm as long as their interests would be protected.

At the same time Google wants to prevent spam results from appearing at the top. This is a different approach than Microsoft. Microsoft vigorously defends their software and had to pay fines higher than $2 billion.

“I think it is in our interests and I would hope in their interests to do a quick analysis of concerns that have been raised by competitors, hopefully they are minor or they are not correct, and we’ll find out and make sure we are operating well within the law and the spirit of the law,” said Schmidt in the interview. “We understand we play a major role in Europe and we’re not denying that. We have a lot of meetings with appropriate government officials.”