Google’s First Official Employee Craig Silverstein Leaves To Join Khan Academy

Posted Feb 9, 2012

Google’s first employee after Larry and Sergey is named Craig Silverstein. Now Silverstein is leaving Google to join Khan Academy. Silverstein worked with Larry and Sergey from their dorm rooms as Ph.D. students at Stanford University.

“Craig’s been with Google since the early days. He was instrumental in the development of search and made numerous contributions to Google over the years. We wish him all the best at the Khan Academy and know that he will do great things to help them promote education around the world,” stated a Google spokesperson.

Below is the goodbye e-mail that Silverstein sent to employees:

[I couldn’t possibly remember everyone who I should be sending this mail to, so please feel free to spread the word to anyone I missed!]
It is with decidedly mixed feelings that I announce, after more than 13 years, that I?m leaving Google. My last day will be Feb 10. I?ll be joining the Khan Academy as a developer.
Some of you thought this day would never come (as one person once put it: ?Will you die at Google??), and it was an extremely difficult choice. I am as passionate about Google?s mission now as I?ve ever been, and as proud of the work we?re doing to achieve it. While a lot has changed at Google over the years, I think we?ve done a remarkable job of staying true to our core mission of making the world a better place by making information more accessible and useful. I am looking forward to pursuing that same mission, though in a slightly different way, at Khan.
I?m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such smart, passionate, and interesting people ? not just a few, either, but (almost 🙂 ) everyone I worked with. I?m grateful not just that I had so many co-workers I could respect, but even more that I had so many that I could count as friends. I will miss that most of all, and I hope you will continue to be in touch. I also accept lunch invitations!
When I write my massive 4-volume autobiography, ?Craig Silverstein: the Man Behind the Legend,? I will devote an entire volume to my years at Google. I can?t emphasize enough how meaningful my time at Google has been, and how meaningful all of you have been to it. I mean it literally when I say: all the best,