Google’s Muscle, Frank P. Quattron Spots Eric Schmidt

Posted Apr 10, 2008

Frank P. Quattron has had somewhat of a tumultuous history. While the former Credit Suisse First Boston executive has earned over $200 million, he sent an e-mail to employees recommending to delete e-mails related to the buying of promising IPO stocks.

Despite wrongdoings, Quattron is back and advising the fastest growing search engine company through his company, Qatalyst. As Microsoft and Yahoo! are disagreeing over an acquisition price, Google has been brought into the mix to help Yahoo! out with advertisement outsourcing.

Quattron has been with Google since the beginning. In the late 90’s when Google was developing, Quattron was one of the first investment bankers to meet with them. Quattron was even hired to advise the company when it filed for it’s IPO in 2004 around the same time he was convicted.

Google also has an interest in Yahoo!’s discussion to merge with AOL since Google controls $1 billion worth of the Internet pioneer company. If the Google and Yahoo! ad outsourcing deal works out, Yahoo! may not agree to Microsoft’s offer.

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