Google’s Play Games Will Make Android More Social

Posted May 12, 2013

On Saturday, Android Police published details about a leaked document they received regarding Google Play Games.  Google Play Games would make Android games more social.  It will have functions that are similar to Apple’s Game Center.

Google Play Games is going to be a part of Google Play Services v3.1.36.  The service will have leaderboards, achievements, cloud gaming, and multiplayer setup.

Google will be able to offload work by game developers and promote games easier through the platform.  When players share their games achievements with their friends, more people will discover the games.

Through the Google Play Games Settings, you will be able to turn on and off the game notifications.  You can also manage who can send those notifications to you through Google+.

There will also be a Synced Game Saves function where you can save your game to Google’s servers so you do not have to worry about losing your progress when switching phones. Play Games can also handle icon badge distribution and achievement unlocking.