Got The Winter Blues? Check Out The Pajamas Warming Pouch.

Posted Jan 15, 2013

If you live in the Midwest or East Coast like most of the Pulse2 team does, you may notice that it is cold outside.  There is nothing like getting home after a long day’s work and changing into your pajamas.  What if I told you that there is a gadget that warms up your pajamas before you put them on.  It’s even more comfortable than putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer.  The Pajamas Warming Pouch has heating elements that hit up to 118º F.  The thermal satin interior keeps heating the pajamas.  It only takes 10 minutes to complete the whole heating process.  The Pajamas Warming Pouch only draws 50 watts less than most light bulbs too.  This also works great with towels, hats, gloves, shirts, etc.  You can buy the Pajamas Warming Pouch for $39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.