Got Windows Mobile Or Symbian Series 60? Get Skyfire Now.

Posted Nov 30, 2008

Sprint is my mobile phone provider and I have iPhone-envy.  This envy is not enough for me to switch to AT&T and pay large sums of money for minutes and data.   I’m still sporting the Moto Q, a phone built with  Windows Mobile and was released in 2006.   The biggest difference between the Safari and the iPhone and Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile is rendering capabilities.

Internet Explorer is inferior to Safari in terms of loading the full websites of WordPress’ admin, YouTube, Hulu, Digg, etc.  Many of these websites are building Windows Mobile Internet Explorer friendly services, but have scaled back tremendously on the full features of the site.

Enter Skyfire, a browser that is able to load everything that your PC or Mac browser can.  Skyfire is able to load Flash, Silverlight, Ajax, and QuickTime.  If anyone were to ask me which two applications are must downloads for Windows Mobile, I would say Skyfire and Google Maps.

This software is a big deal because it makes Windows Mobile users not feel obsolete anymore.

Skyfire was started by Nitin Bhandari (CEO) and Erik Swenson (CTO) in April 2006.  Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, and Trinity Ventures invested $17.8 million in Skyfire.