Governator Approves Of The Hybrid Hummer Raser H3

Posted Apr 21, 2009

California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger has been very critical of the Detroit-based automotive companies, but his opinion is beginning to change.

In September 2008, caught the Governor giving a speech discussing the Tesla opening a plant in California rather than New Mexico.  Schwarznegger asked the audience think of how a company that never made a car before can make one that is completely electric and the car companies in Detroit couldn’t do it.  “Arnold to Detroit: Get off your butt,” stated Schwarznegger in the video.

Yesterday Schwarznegger gave his thumbs up towards a 100 miles per gallon hybrid version of the Hummer yesterday when it was introduced in Detroit.  The hybrid Hummer vehicle that was introduced at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress is called the Raser H3.

“There is nothing wrong with the Hummer; it’s great vehicle,” stated the Governor in an interview with The Detroit News. “We should change the technology within those vehicles.”  Schwarznegger himself owns 12 vehicles.

General Motors worked with Raser to produce the vehicle even though the automotive company is considering dropping production on the Hummer line of automobiles. Schwarznegger will be one of the first ones to be given a Raser H3.

[via Wired]