Governor Schwarznegger Tweets Emergency Landing

Posted Jun 21, 2009

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger is an avid Twitter user.  He reports what he is up to regularly including his meetings, visits, and even his thoughts on the Lakers championship.  The Governor was recently involved in an emergency landing by his plane.  Fortunately he made it out of there safely and tweeted what happened.

“A little adventure just now when my plane made an emergency landing. All’s ok, though,” reported the Governor.  He sent out the above Twitpic too.  Schwarznegger was making his way to the Santa Monica airport to give a speech about a drought happening in the state.  The jet had landed at the Van Nuys airport when smoking started to erupt from the cockpit instrument panel.  There were no signs of a fire, but the pilot made a quick and steep landing.

There have been several aviation incidents that were reported on Twitter in the last year.  Amy Trachtman reported a low flying plane that was part of a government training exercise this past April.  This past February Jonathan Nipp reported an accident in Amsterdam.  And this past January Janis Krums reported the Hudson river incident.