Gowalla Confirms Facebook Acquisition

Posted Dec 5, 2011

Gowalla CEO Josh Williams has confirmed that Facebook has acquired them. Williams said that he came up with the idea for Gowalla when he took a photograph of Lake Tahoe on his iPhone and he just finished a phone call with his dad. He wanted to share more than just the photo and the place with him.

“We created Gowalla to inspire people to go out and share those places, photos and stories. The past three years have been quite the journey, oft-times in a very literal sense!” said Williams. “The Gowalla Passport has become a record of all the places we?ve visited, the people we were with, the photos we took, and the stories we told. Many of you even use Gowalla like a scrapbook of sorts ? a place to keep all those memories.”

Gowalla will be shut down at the end of January and the company will provide a way to export Passport, Stamp, and Pin data. Facebook will not be acquiring the data of Gowalla’s users.