Gowalla Founder Josh Williams Departs From Facebook

Posted Jul 16, 2013

hired the team behind Gowalla in December 2011 and it was shutdown over the few months after that.  Gowalla co-founder and former CEO Josh Williams is now leaving Facebook about a year and a half after being hired.  Williams became a product manager of Facebook and was assigned to Pages, Locations, and Events.

Gowalla arrived on the scene before Foursquare in 2007.  However, Gowalla only hit a few million downloads while Foursquare has hit over 30 million downloads and billions of check-ins.

Williams moved from Austin, Texas to join Facebook in Palo Alto, California.  He plans to stay in San Francisco to work on a new project.

“No comment on my next steps at this point ? beyond that I plan to stay in SF and work on something new,” said Williams in an interview with Business Insider.