GPS Navigates Man Off A Cliff

Posted Mar 30, 2009

Quick note: Earlier today I mentioned the name Sat Nav in this article. It was a slight misinterpretation. The Sat Nav I referred to is slang for “satellite navigation system” and has nothing to do with the India-based GPS company.

Robert Jones paid attention to his GPS while driving, perhaps a little bit too much attention. His car was left on the edge of a cliff as he followed the directions on the GPS down a narrow steep path. The GPS told him that this steep path was a road and his car was stopped only when his BMW hit a fence above the Gauxholme railway bridge.

The police charged Jones with driving without due attention. He was attempting to visit his friends in Todmorden and referred to this whole incident as a nightmare.

“Officers received a call at 11:18am on Sunday March 22 reporting that a BMW was hanging off the edge of a cliff off Bacup Road,” stated a West Yorkshire police officer. “The driver was a 43-year-old man from Doncaster. He has been summoned to court for driving without due care and attention.”

[via BBC]