Grand Theft Auto IV Fans Put Together Google Street View Of Liberty City

Posted Aug 30, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 4 fans that interact on had come together and spent 2 months to put together an Google Street View interactive map for Liberty City, a map from the game. If you often use Google Street View and Google Maps, you will know exactly how to use the interactive map on You can even filter the map based on where you can pick up different weapons, perform stunts, and activities.

One of the map’s creators named Nick revealed that the map required 125GB of disc space, which included 78,494 screenshots, 3,019 equirectangular panoramas and 1,029,000 tiles. The map hit 2.1 million views since they launched it.

?Rockstar had done a great job making Liberty City feel like a real, living, breathing place so the idea of adding a ?street view? feature followed on naturally,? said Nick in an interview with Giant Bomb. ?At the time, it was just that: a nice idea but not something we could actually do.?

Google then gave developers access to Street View within the Google Maps API. ?The scale of it was a bit of a worry, mainly the cost of hosting and serving so many images,? Nick said. ?Luckily ?Tank,? owner and bill payer for all our GTA fansites [at], was all for it.?

[ Map via Giant Bomb]