Greenpeace Gives Apple Minor Upgrade In Clean Power Rankings

Posted Jul 13, 2012

Greenpeace International has given Apple a minor upgrade in their clean power rankings.  Greenpeace said that Apple has improved their infrastructure siting, energy efficiency, and use of renewable energy since this past April.  Apple was not doing too well before because they earned a D in infrastructure siting, D in energy efficiency, and a D in renewable energy before.  Now they have a D in infrastructure siting, C in energy efficiency, and a C in renewable energy usage.

Apple must improve their reliance on Coal for iCloud data centers to improve their overall scores.  However Greenpeace gave credit to Apple’s statement that they want three of their centers to be powered with 100% renewable energy by 2013.  Greenpeace said that Apple should not cheat by using coal and selling the power back to suppliers for “renewable energy credits.”

Instead they should use alternative suppliers that would provide clean energy.  Greenpeace is hoping that Apple’s upcoming Reno, Nevada data center and future data centers use renewable energy as well.

In related Apple environmental news, the company recently left the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool program.  This is the reason why government employees at the city of San Francisco can no longer buy Apple desktops or laptops.