Head Of BitTorrent Group iMAGiNE Gregory Cherwonik Sentenced To 40 Months Of Jail

Posted Dec 2, 2012

Gregory Cherwonik, the head of the BitTorrent group iMAGiNE, was ordered to pay $15,000 to the MPAA and was sentenced to 40 months in jail.  This is the longest sentence of a file-sharing offense ever.

The 40-month sentence of Gregory Cherwonik reflects his status in the group.  He is known as “Sysop” in the group, which was higher in rank than other members that were given to 23 and 30 month jail terms earlier this month.

Supposedly the iMAGiNE group was responsible for 41% of all “English-language theatrical audio piracy” between September 2009 and September 2011.

The group would grab camcorder footage in one location and captured high-quality audio in another location.  Two other members of the group also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next year.