Gregory Sanchez Attempts To Rob Bank Dressed As Darth Vader With Pink Hospital Scrubs [HALL OF SHAME]

Posted Jan 3, 2011

What happens when you dress up like Darth Vader and wear pink hospital scrubs then go out and try to rob a bank in a grocery store? You end up in the Hall of Shame. Gregory Sanchez dressed up in the aforementioned outfit and tried to rob a Bank of America branch within the same Albertsons grocery store that he worked at as a “courtesy clerk.” Sanchez had a hatchet, a black wig, and gloves too. “The robber’s elaborate disguise did not keep from getting caught later on,” stated Captain Mike Parker. The crime took place in the 19000 block of Colima Road in Los Angeles. Sanchez is being held on a $100,000 bail. [LA Times]