Greplin Launches Wikipedia Redesign Contest

Posted Jul 27, 2011

The Wikipedia Search Design Contest, run by search engine Greplin, aims to revamp Wikipedia for easier searching and better results. Daniel Gross, the founder of Greplin, told TechCrunch that there’s nothing particularly wrong with Wikipedia, but “that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be infinitely better. The deadline is August 18th, and the prizes include advertising of the winner’s Twitter handle and a trip to see Edward Tufte speak.

The contest is not affiliated with Wikipedia in any way, so the winning concept will not necessarily be used or acknowledged by Wikipedia. The judges for the competition include Googler Jon Wiley, Milk’s Daniel Burka and Kevin Rose, Dribbble’s Dan Cederholm, Kevin Cheng, Dan Rubin, Johnnie Manzari and Jason Rosoff.