Groupon Acquires Kima Labs and Hyperpublic

Posted Feb 18, 2012

Groupon has acquired mobile payments company Kima Labs and geolocation technology company Hyperpublic. Kima Labs is known for building the mobile barcode reading app called Barcode Hero and mobile payment app TapBuy. Groupon acquired a New York City based startup company called Hyperpublic, which is a geolocation service with layers of information on it like deals and events.

The Barcode Hero app will shut down effective February 20th. Those who use the app currently have until March 16th to download their data. It is unknown what will happen to Tapbuy. Tapbuy offers daily deals for about 100 brands. Tapbuy also processes transactions using credit card information provided by users.

Kima was founded by Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford. Both of these guys and Kima chief engineer Andrew Miner worked at Amazon. Kima’s investors include Naval Ravikant, Ron Conway, Owen Van Natta, and The Washington Post Company. Hyperpublic was co-founded by Doug Petkanics and Jordan Cooper.