Groupon Creates A Point-Of-Sale System Called Breadcrumb

Posted Oct 12, 2012

This past May Groupon acquired a company called Breadcrumb.  Breadcrumb is a point-of-sale company that was created for the hospitality industry.  Breadcrumb’s technology would be used to replace older systems of past years and replace them with a nicely designed and affordable iPad app.  Breadcrumb has the ability to process sales by supporting a card swiping attachment for the iPad.

The Breadcrumb app also has the ability to track employee labor, map tables, serve courses, send orders, control cash drawers, print receipts, etc.  Breadcrumb allows their customers to monitor reports and can be viewed anywhere in a web browser.  Breadcrumb currently only works on the iPad.  The pricing of the app is $99 for smaller business and $199 for 2 iPads.  The $299 tier is for 5 iPads and the $399 tier is for 10 iPads.  All four price options are for unlimited users and free updates.