Groupon Acquires Channel Management Company CommerceInterface

Posted Dec 23, 2012

Groupon has announced CommerceInterface, a web-based channel management technology company.  Groupon is not only the owner of the company now, but they have been a CommerceInterface customer since April 2012.  The company relied on CommerceInterface to power “interactions with thousands of existing vendors.”  Groupon used CommerceInterface to grow the Groupon Goods platform.

CommerceInterface will no longer work with outside retail channels.  Current CommerceInterface customers will have 6 months to find another vendor.  CommerceInterface will power Groupon Goods only going forward.  Groupon Goods hit an annual run rate of $1.5 billion in global billings annually based on Q3 2012.

“CommerceInterface has proven to be an important piece of Groupon Goods infrastructure in the U.S., quickly and reliably streamlining the execution of orders and other vendor interactions. We look forward to enhancing our abilities to better support merchants overseas beginning early next year,” stated Groupon Goods head Faisal Masud.