Groupon Has Acquired Plumfare

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Plumfare is known for being a mobile discovery application that has been acquired by Groupon.  The acquisition talks have been ongoing for weeks, according to VentureBeat.  Plumfare helps users discover new restaurants and encourages people to take photos of their food to share them with friends.

These items can be gifted to their friends through SMS, e-mail, or Facebook.  You will not have to pay until your friend redeems the item, which is a great feature.  Plumfare makes money by taking a cut of each transaction.

Following the acquisition, all outstanding gifts can still be redeemed.  More gifts will be available and the team will be working with more local merchants everywhere.

Under Eric Lefkofsky’s leadership, Groupon has been focusing more on closer relationships with restaurants.  The company launched a restaurant reservations system last month called Groupon Reserve.