Groupon Hires The Team From MashLogic

Posted Feb 12, 2013

According to PandoDaily, Groupon has hired the team of MashLogic through an acquisition (known as an acqui-hire).  MashLogic is known for developing the Britely contextual browser plugin.

The Britely plugin is a pop-up bubble that contains links to relevant articles or images when hovering the mouse cursor over a highlighted word.  Groupon does not have much of an interest in Britely carrying on as much as they are interested in the team behind the product.

MashLogic raised $3.9 million in venture capital funding before the acquisition.  Below is a statement that MashLogic wrote on their website.

We?re excited to announce that MashLogic ? the company that makes Britely ? has been acquired by Groupon.

We are thrilled to join the Groupon team to help build the operating system for local commerce. Like all startups, our aspiration has always been to have a major impact on the world, and with Groupon, we see a real opportunity to make a significant improvement in people?s everyday lives.

Of course, this is a little bittersweet for us. We?ve very much enjoyed building Britely.  The best part has been getting to know you, our user community.  To all of you that joined us on the journey, we wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for your support, feedback, creativity, and enthusiasm.

We will shut down the Britely service on February 18, 2013, including all brites and blog embeds. If you would like to save any of the books you created on Britely, you can login to your account  and download them prior to this date. After February 18, 2013 all data and user records will be permanently deleted.

Please email us with any questions or problems. Thank you again for coming along for the ride with us. It?s been beautiful.