Groupon Now Hits 1.5 Million Deals Sold

Posted Apr 30, 2012

As you know lets you buy a daily deal through an e-mail. You cannot use that discount on the same day, but you can use deals on the same day that are purchased through Groupon Now. Groupon has announced that Groupon Now sold 1.5 million deals in about a year. It took the original Groupon 15 months to hit that same milestone. The 1.5 millionth purchase was made at CiCi Nails in Chicago where someone bought a $42 manicure and pedicure for $30. Merchants are able to customize Groupon Now through a dashboard and managing how many people can take advantage of the offer at a time. Groupon Now is available in 31 out of 175 North American Groupon markets. They plan to expand Groupon Now to additional markets soon.