Groupon Seeking To Raise $950 Million In Series G Round

Posted Dec 28, 2010 has raised $950 million according to a report that VC experts obtained. The report was an Amended/Restated Certificate of Incorporation that showed the authorization of up to $950 million in Series G preferred stock. This does not necessarily mean that Groupon plans to raise that much in funding as the document only indicates that the company has the authority to raise that amount.

Below is an excerpt from the VC Expert Blog:

?There are a few key differences in terms and pricing between the Series G and its Series F, raised in April. The $135 million Series F, led by Digital Sky Technologies, was priced at $32.12 per share and was junior in liquidation preferences to all preferred shares. This round is priced $.53 less, at $31.59 per share and is senior to all.

The latest filing also increased the authorized shares of voting common to 250 million shares, and if all of them are issued, Groupon?s valuation could be as high as $7.8 billion. The financing comes just weeks after Groupon?s rejection of Google?s $6 billion buyout offer. Groupon gave no official reason for the rejection, though reports speculated pricing, strategy and anti-trust issues were to blame.?

This round of funding puts Groupon at a valuation that is higher than $7.8 billion.