Groupon Suing Australian Clone Scoopon

Posted Jan 4, 2011

Even though Groupon is in 37 countries as of right now, they have not been able to launch in Australia with that same name yet. The reason why Groupon is not there is because there is an aggressive clone there. There is a clone created by Gabby Leibovitch and Hezi Leibovitch in Australia called Scoopon.

The Leibovitchs bought the domain name, registered the name Groupon Pty Limited, and tried to register the Groupon trademark in Australia. Groupon sees the Leibovitchs as domain name squatters. When Groupon became an international brand, domain name squatters like the Leibovitchs bought local Groupon domain names thinking that they would eventually buy it from them as large prices.

Groupon offered the Leibovitchs $286,000 for the domain name. At first they said yes, but then they changed their mind. The Leibovitchs is only willing to sell the trademark and domain name only if Groupon agrees to buy their business called Scoopon. Now Groupon is suing the Leibovitchs and will launch in Australia under a name called Stardeals. Groupon said that they are still willing to pay $286,000.

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