Groupon Updates Mobile App To Support Global Search and Android Tablets

Posted Apr 23, 2013

Groupon has updated their iPhone and Android application to include a universal search feature, which enables consumers to search for deals nearby.  The search covers discounts that are time-sensitive and deals that are rolling.  Groupon’s search enhancements will help keep consumers engaged with the company’s mobile apps in a market where they are competing against companies like Yelp and Foursquare.  The update has been applied to customers in the U.S. and will be rolled out internationally later this year.

After this update was released, the Groupon app is now compatible on Android tablets.  This is the first time that Groupon’s app has been optimized for screens that are up to 10 inches.

Groupon’s iPad app is not getting updated today, but the company will extend the number of countries that it will support later this week.  Groupon’s iPad app will begin to work in Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and Switzerland later this week to hit a total of 18 countries.  By adding support for Android tablets, the company is hoping to see growth in countries where Android is stronger than iOS.

Groupon is seeing rapid growth for their Deals Marketplace services, which contains complete offerings rather than just daily deals.  Around half of Groupon’s local transaction volume in North America is coming from the Deals Marketplace and it has grown by 300% compared to last year.  The Deals Marketplace had around 37,000 active deals this past quarter.  Around 40% of transactions that happened last quarter took place on Groupon’s mobile traffic.  Mobile users also typically spent 50% more than web customers.

According to Groupon’s VP of mobile, David Katz, “search has been one of the most requested features” on their mobile apps.