Hacker Group GhostShell Leaks 2.5 Million Russian Government Accounts

Posted Nov 3, 2012

The hacktivist group known as GhostShell has leaked millions of accounts that belong to different Russian government agencies on Github.  This was part of an operation called #ProjectBlackStar.  GhostShell claimed to steal 2.5 million accounts and records from the government departments along with educational, political, law enforcement, telecom, research institutes, medical facility records, and data from large corporations according to ZDNet.

GhostShell said this in a Pastebin message:

“For far too long Russia has been a state of tyranny and regret. The average citizen is forced to live an isolated life from the rest of the world imposed by it’s politicians and leaders. A way of thinking outdated for well over 100 years now. The still present communism feeling has fused with today’s capitalism and bred together a level of corruption and lack of decency of which we’ve never seen before.

Even though the country is going through hard times and many people are starving, the Russian Government has enough resources to spend on its spies. [Linking to Business Insider]

There have been many arrests this year (just like in any other year). If they think that espionage is fun while the people are barely holding on for their lives, then we’re going to play a little game as well.”

The files have names, passwords, and e-mail passwords that end in corp-gov.ru.