Hacker Makes $33 Million After Penetrating Casino Security Cameras

Posted Mar 18, 2013

A hacker and some of his acquaintances made around $33 million as they played at a casino in Australia by hacking into the surveillance cameras.  This way the hackers were able to get an advantage across several rounds of high-stake card games.  The money was made across eight hands of cards before the gambler was caught cheating.  By the time he was caught, the money was gone.

The gambler was known as a “whale” at the casino.  He is a high roller that is known for regularly betting and losing large amounts of money.  During the time of the heist, he was staying with family in Crown Towers in Melbourne, Australia.

The hackers gained remote access to the casino’s high-resolution cameras to spy on the card hands that were played by the house along with other guests at the casino’s VIP high-roller room.  The gambler was given signals based on the cards that his opponents had.

When the casino found out about the fraud, they sent security to kick him out.  The gambler was banned from returning to the casino.  A casino spokesperson said that they hope to recover a “significant portion” of the money.