HackMIT: A Plant That Tweets Weather Updates, Bank Account Watches, 3D Shapes Drawn With Smartphone Flashlight

Posted Oct 9, 2013

Last week, over 1,000 student programmers met at HackMIT.  The students worked for 30 hours nonstop for $10,000 in prizes.  Free food and caffeine was provided to the student hackers.  Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hosted the event.  Undergraduates from over 250 universities attended the event.

Some of the projects that were hacked at the event included:
– Horton – A plant that tweets out weather updates.
– GTAVI – A video game that was created in the style of Grand Theft Auto where players could drive around real cities across the globe.
-ImagesAsText – A Google Chrome Extension that converts all of the text in images into accessible words.
-Balance – A smart-watch app that lets people access their bank account information.

The list of the prize winners can be found at: http://hackmit.challengepost.com/

Over $14,000 in prizes were distributed, but the participants said that the most important part of the hackathon was the life changing experiences.  HackMIT is one of the largest college hackathons in the nation.  Around 3,000 applications were sent to HackMIT within one week of the opening registrations.

The first place award went to LightBoard and second place was given to Images as Text.  The third place company was PiVision, which lets you record HD TV from the air.