HADOKEN! Street Fighter IV Coming To The PC In July

Posted May 3, 2009

Street Fighter IV was created in 2008 by Capcom.  The arcade was released in July 2008 and the machines began import in North America around August 2008.  The console versions were created in February 2009 and now it has been announced that there are PC versions on the way.

In most cases, popular arcade games are not given release dates for PC versions, but this is the first time Capcom made a release date for the port.

The PC version of the game will even get extra features.  Some of the new features include “new special moves” and new shaders to mirror the aesthetics of trailers in the game.  The new shaders include sumi-e ink, posterization, and watercolor.  Capcom’s Bionic Commando game will arrive for the PC in July, but Resident Evil 5 will arrive on computer screens later this year.

[via Ars Technica]