HADOUKEN! Street Fighter IV Ships 2 Million Units

Posted Feb 23, 2009

Capcom Co. is having a great week.  Last week The Legend of Chun Li hit theaters and Street Fighter IV has shipped 2 million units across the world for the Xbox 360 and PS3.  It is not yet known how many units were actually sold, but it is expected to do very well judging by the hype.  Street Fighter IV has been released in North America, Europe, and Japan.  A PC version should be coming in June.

The first Street Fighter game was introduced in 1987.  The second Street Fighter game was a smashing success in 1991.  “The series revolutionized combat systems in games, and established the fighting game genre. Since then, Street Fighter has been a global hit, selling over 500,000 arcade machines and 27 million console games,” stated Capcom.

[via Ars]