Hailo Raises $30 Million With A $140 Million Valuation

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Hailo is a European taxi haling service that is similar to Uber.  The company is preparing to raise a large round of funding to expand into New York City.  Based in London, Hailo is going to raise around $30 million in Series B funding according to sources with AllThingsD.  Earlier this year, Hailo raised $17 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners, Atomico, and Wellington Partners.

Hailo has an iPhone and Android app where users can secure a yellow cab and pay for them automatically with a credit card.  This new round of funding is valued at $140 million.

Hailo is popular in places like Dublin, London, and Toronto.  The company launched in the United States this past October after arriving in Boston.  From there they expanded to Chicago in November.