Halo 3 Hits 1 Billion Multiplayer Matches

Posted Mar 3, 2009

First person shooting game for Xbox 360 Halo 3 has hit 1 billion online multiplayer matches.  Halo 3 was launched about two years ago and is one of the most played games for the 360.  The one billionth game was played this past Saturday night at 6:36PM PST according to Bungie.  Halo 2 has not reached this milestone yet as they are sitting at around 798 million times.

“If each game of Halo 3 lasted only three minutes and nineteen seconds, mirroring the Infection game outlined above, the total amount of time played would eclipse sixty-three centuries.  For those looking for more granularity, that’s roughly 630 decades, 6,300 years, or 2,300,000 days,” stated Bungie in a blog post.